Privacy Policy (In Brief)

Who are we?

In this policy, whenever you see the words We, Us or Our, it refers to Falkirk & District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH). We are:

Falkirk & District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH), a charity registered in Scotland (SC011889) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC151357).

Our commitment to your privacy

We understand that you are care about your own personal privacy and we take that seriously.

We have policies, procedures and systems in place to help us look after any personal data (information about you) that you provide. Our policies make sure your information is not used in ways it shouldn’t be or that you wouldn’t expect.

To help protect you we must abide by Data Protection laws.

The information below is a summary, but our full Privacy Policy explains in detail what personal data we hold, how we may use it, and what your rights are.


What we collect and why

We collect personal data, this is information that can be used to identify you.

Data Protection laws view some of this data as being in ‘special categories’. Special categories of personal data are given extra protection. Health data is one of these ‘special categories’ of data and it is something we routinely collect and use.

We collect data about the people who interact with us, including people who use our services, members, supporters, volunteers and employees.

We collect and use this data so that we can provide our services; fundraise for our charitable services; look after the safety and wellbeing of the people connected to us; monitor, manage and develop our services; and manage our employees and volunteers.

We only collect the data that we need or that helps us in our quest to provide the best possible service.

When it is necessary we will ask for your consent to use your data.

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Keeping your data safe

Your data will only be available to staff and volunteers who need to see it to carry out the purposes it was collected for.

We do our very best to keep personal information secure using technological and physical measures.


Sharing your data

Whenever we share your data we will only share the minimum amount of data required.

We never sell your data and we will never share it with another company or charity for their own marketing purposes.

We will share data when you ask us to, for example to refer you to another service.

We will share your data if we are required by law.

From time to time we will share data with carefully selected partners who do work for us – for example an events company that is supporting a fundraising challenge. All our partners are required by their contract to adhere to Data Protection laws. Under their contract they may only use data as instructed by us and must allow us to check that they do this.

We may share your data if by doing so we can protect your or someone else’s life.


Your rights

Data Protection laws give you rights over your own data.

Your rights will vary depending on which Data Protection rules we have used to collect your data but they include being able to request to see the data we hold about you and being able to ask us to stop using or even delete your data.

You can find out more about your rights on the Information Commissioners Website or you can speak to us.

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