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FDAMH’s work is made possible thanks to our dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are passionate about mental wellbeing!


Find out more about some of the people helping us to be the best we can!

Ian Dickson


“I love the variety, no two days are the same!”

I joined FDAMH in January 2020 as Operations Manager and was appointed into the role of CEO in April 2021.

My role has 3 key components:

1) Support and develop our amazing team of staff and volunteers.
2) Work closely with our Board to drive our strategic plans and…
3) Work closely with external colleagues and partners to ensure that FDAMH plays a key part in providing collaborative, evidence-based mental health services in Falkirk.

I love the variety, no two days are the same! We have a fantastic team at FDAMH and I enjoy seeing our staff progress and develop within the organisation.

Making a positive difference and seeing how the work of FDAMH helps improve people’s lives.

Usually a strong coffee and the need to make a positive start to a busy day!

Gail Morrison


“You really do feel a sense of being part of a very important team doing amazing work to make people’s lives better

I have been part of the FDAMH team since January 2018, initially as Finance Manager and now as Head of Finance & Funding

I lead the finance and funding functions within FDAMH, ensuring effective day to day financial management but also the longer term financial stability of the organisation.  As part of the Senior Leadership Team my role is to work collaboratively with the leadership team to ensure decision making is in line with our budgets and to contribute sound financial advice as we all work towards our strategic goals.

Every day you feel like you are making a difference, even in Finance which is not client facing, you really do feel a sense of being part of a very important team doing amazing work to make people’s lives better.

I am inspired by driven, entrepreneurial people in particular those who have come from very little and made their mark in the world. I love hearing stories and reading books about people’s success and how they got to where they are.

Other than my alarm clock and my dog scraping at the door, every day I get out of bed to try and be the best mum I can be and see my kids growing into the best versions of themselves

Morag Fullard


I love the uniqueness of what we do. We aren’t a one size fits all organisation; we tailor our services to meet the needs of the people who come to us

I joined in December 2013

Most of what I do is behind the scenes as I oversee and support the staff who work in the “back office” areas of FDAMH such as, admin, marketing, IT and our Training Academy. I’m also responsible for facilities, utilities, HR and recruitment.

I love the uniqueness of what we do. We aren’t a one size fits all organisation; we tailor our services to meet the needs of the people who come to us and continually look at ways to change or improve what we do.

Being part of an organisation that delivers something I am passionate about and ensuring we provide the best possible experience for our clients and our staff.  Learning, kindness, hard work and being around positive people also inspires me. Music and holidays also feature highly on my list.

I love the opportunities and challenges that each new day brings. I do believe that every day you get the chance to learn something new. In terms of work, I thoroughly enjoy what I do, it’s knowing that everything we do will help others.


Karen Morrill

Having worked with representatives of FDAMH in a professional capacity, I know the difference the team make to people in need of support

My first career was in business consultancy where I used my accountancy and economics training to good use. After 8 years and a career change, I moved into the field of human resources management. My career has allowed me to work in private, public and third sector organisations. The industry I’ve spent the majority of my career within has been the energy sector, but I’ve also worked in retail and manufacturing.

I love my work, despite some of the challenges that working in HRM can mean, such as redundancies, TUPE, and death in service. I am currently working in the specialist field of organisational development in a large and complex company, there is never a dull day which is an aspect of my work I love. 

It’s always been important to me to serve the community in whatever way I can. I’ve been heavily involved in charity work for many years, serving as a board member for a children’s charity for many years and later working with families in crisis.  Being invited to join FDAHM as a board member was an incredibly proud achievement.

My profession has shown me the importance of mental health care. Having worked with representatives of FDAMH in a professional capacity, I know the difference the team make to people in need of support. Being a trustee allows me the opportunity to help, wherever I can. 

The quote that helps me is ‘tomorrow is another day’, it keeps me present and reminds me that everyday we are reborn. When we wake to a new day, we get the chance to make the new day whatever we want it to be.

My solace is being outdoors and in my garden. I’ve been gardening since my dad gave me responsibility for a small rock garden at the family home. I find creating and tending a garden very mindful, and when I’m in the garden I am at one with myself and can get lost in the simplest of activities for hours.

Theresa Sharp

“I find hope in the darkest days, and focus in the brightest”

I have over 30 years’ experience across a number of finance roles within the banking sector. My key skills lie within Business planning, relationship management and funding applications.

I have been involved in many volunteering opportunities over the past 20 years and really wanted to get involved in one that benefited my local community. Being invited onto the Board of FDAMH was a huge honour.

I have always been customer focused and I am always motivated to find the best solution for them.

I am an avid reader and love nothing better than loosing myself in a good book. Regular walking allows me to combine catching up with friends and getting fresh air.

Katie Siddiq

“I raise up my voice, not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard” – Malala Yousafzai.

I am a qualified chartered accountant with 6 years’ experience across a number of finance roles within the banking sector. My key skills lie within planning, forecasting and cost management.

I am passionate about giving back to the community and seen this as an opportunity to use my skills and professional experience to support a really great cause.

With so much stigma still associated with Mental Health I think the work that FDAMH do in supporting the local community is really amazing and I feel very privileged to be a part of it.

I think it’s really moving in highlighting the importance of advocating for those who might not be able to themselves.

We aren’t all born equal, with the same opportunities in life and I think it’s so important to remember this and to play a part in making change happen.

I find yoga and meditation both play a big part in supporting good mental health for me.

Charles Masterton

Chas is a local businessman with experience working in the voluntary sector. He is keen to help contribute in continuously improving the overall services provided by FDAMH to people within the local community who are affected by mental ill-health.


Dennis Canavan


“My favourite quote is FDAMH’s motto: Light in a Dark Place”

Before I retired, I was MP then MSP for Falkirk West. My skills include public speaking, advocacy, media interviews.

I was invited to be Patron of FDAMH. I was pleased and honoured to accept because I admire the work FDAMH does to provide services to people with mental health issues.

I have experienced mental health problems in my family. My favourite quote is FDAMH’s motto : Light in a dark place “.

Alan Bissett


Alan grew up in Hallglen, Falkirk and is a celebrated author and performer. Although Alan’s work takes him all over the world at times, he maintains strong links with Falkirk and helps to raise FDAMH’s profile whenever he can. In addition our creative groups have been very fortunate to benefit from his expertise on a number of occasions.

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