Acceptable Use Policy

Who are we?

We’ are Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health, FDAMH, Falkirk’s Mental Health Association. Our registered office is 173 Victoria Road, Falkirk, FK2 7AU. FDAMH is a charity, number SC011889 and a company limited by guarantee, number SC151357.

All users of our website ( or FDAMH’s pages on social or interactive sites (henceforth known as ‘pages’) are bound by the terms of this acceptable use policy. You should also refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Notice’ which are also available on our website.

We provide our website and pages in the pursuit of our mission to promote mental wellbeing and expect any use of our website/pages to be respectful of our values:
We believe in enabling people to identify and work towards their personal goals.
We treat one another with respect and value the contributions that come from individuals that we encounter.
We are committed to being honest and transparent in all relationships.

Use must be legal

Our site or pages must not be used for the transmission of viruses or any other form of malicious software
You must not post or transmit illegal material via our site/pages
You must not use material from our site/pages in a way that contravenes our Terms and Conditions
You must not use our site/pages for any other illegal or fraudulent purposes

Use must respect others

You must not be offensive or defamatory on our site/pages
You must respect other people’s right to privacy on our site/pages
You must be accurate in the information that you post on our site/pages
The way in which you use our site/pages or the information you post should not harass or annoy others

Use must respect the purpose and policies of FDAMH

FDAMH is an organisation supporting people and families affected by mental health issues. We believe there should be no stigma attached to being affected by a mental health issue. Our website or pages should not be used to promote opinions contrary to this, or opinions that are in any way offensive to people with experience of mental health issues.

If you use FDAMH’s website/pages improperly…

If you have posted content that is contrary to this policy and/or our Terms and Conditions we will take steps to remove the content.

If we become aware of illegal activity on our website/pages we will report this to relevant authorities. Similarly, if you disclose information via our website/pages in relation to an actual or intended crime, we may be obliged to contact the relevant authorities and/or public agencies.

If necessary we may take steps to prevent you from using our website/pages.

This policy may be revised at any time. You are advised to check this policy from time-to-time so that you are aware of any changes that we make.

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